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 Society volunteers removed the rusting iron bar from the Strathglass gate in Spring, 2010.  In Spring, 2011, the work was completed by the re-lighting of the gate with historic-style  luminaires.  The 16 foot granite pillars were completely re-pointed with new mortar applied in a historically appropriate convex seam style.

About the Strathglass Park Preservation Society

The Strathglass Park Preservation Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation dedicated to historic preservation of Strathglass Park and historic buildings in the section of western Maine known as the Androscoggin River Valley area, and to educating the public about the historic legacy of the area and the need for historic restoration.

The Society was formed by the members of the Strathglass Property Owners Association in 2008 as a means to plan, raise funds for and pay for historic preservation and restoration.  It was granted 501(c)3 status in 2010.

It has just completed preserving and restoring the historic granite gate at Strathglass Park.  The gate had deteriorated to the point that mortar between the stones was missing.  An old iron bar with no current function was leaching rust down the sides of the column.  Volunteers with the Society removed the iron bar.  The Society hired a mason to repair the mortar between the granite blocks, and new, historic style carriage lights were added to the top of the pillars in May, 2011.  While the gate is town-owned, the $6,000 project was completed entirely with funds raised by the Society.  Now, the lights will go on every night as part of the streetlight program of the town of Rumford.

Officers of the Society are:

President  Ed Paterson /Strathglass Park owner and resident

Vice president Phil Blampied/ Strathglass supoorter

Secretary Karen Gallant/Strathglass owner and resident

       Treasurer and registered agent Phil Blampied

Our by-laws can be viewed in .pdf form here.

Anyone can join the Society and help us in our work.  Membership is $15 a year.  To join, send your name, address and a check for $15 to: The Strathglass Park Preservation Society, PO Box 65, Rumford, ME 04276.

For more information, email us at 

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